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If you're going to improve your kitchen... do it Right!
Kitchen RightTM is an integrated software platform that helps you make the Right budget decisions. Homeowners enjoy exploring kitchen remodeling options using images: what would a realistic budget be if I had cabinets similar to the ones in this picture... And a stove similar to that picture? Homeowners also. Shop smarter by exploring the multi-media content about their budget choices. Then, connect with professionals when they're ready!

The Kitchen Right platform is based on:

1. Customer-focus, ensuring engaging, user-friendly software

2. Industry experience delivering time-saving, result-oriented assistance

3. A high-tech approach to simplify your complex buying problems

We Offer Professionals:

  • 100% FREE, no obligation advertising on the public website ( and apps, plus the option for guaranteed leads
  • Kitchen-Right™ style capabilities integrated into a professional's website, customized with your brand, logo, and style
  • A website and/or apps customized to a professional's products and product lines– whether the products are interior-design related– or something completely different
Rod Wallace
President, Design Economics

Rod is an experienced business professional, entrepreneur and strategic leader with over 15 years developing and implementing innovative, customer-centric business strategies. Early in his career, Rod was a partner in the profi table acquisition of the French powerplant business, Pardies Energy, later founding a global strategy and business development consulting practice.

As a leader in his field, Rod provides strategic planning and business development expertise to Fortune 500 businesses. To date, he has been the lead strategic planning consultant for business with over $10 billion in turnover, and played key roles in business development reviews for more than $4 billion of international acquisitions. Rod also partners with leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher Dr. Steve Omohundro, exploring opportunities to apply cutting-edge, proprietary technology to a wide range of applications, including improving legacy software systems, integrating other leading AI technologies, and identifying solutions to social issues. Rod is also finding ways to incorporate this cutting-edge technology into the everyday life of the average consumer.

Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Rod spent nine years with Cargill, Inc., including as a Leadership Team Member of Refined Oils Europe, a $3 billion European enterprise headquartered in the Netherlands. In his tenure at Cargill, Inc., Rod provided direct leadership to business development teams executing more than $40 million in new projects and sales teams expanding profit more than 300% in 3 years.

Rod is the President and Founder of Design Economics, a firm dedicated to improving life's complex buying decisions that launched Kitchen Right in 2015 using a proprietary software platform. This software platform integrates the analytical depth essential for complex-purchase decisions while incorporating the foundation for cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

Rod holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan, taught MBA students and business professionals, and has published research in leading academic journals. He has lived on 4 continents with roles in business, government, and academia. Rod currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware with his wife and 3 sons.

Industry Leaders

Design Economics product developers have benefitted from the insights of more than 100 years of industry experience. Leaders sharing insights include:

RITA WILKINS | President of Design Services Ltd |

ABBY SCHWARTZ | President of Abby Schwartz Associates |

AMOS ALLGYER | President of Allgyer Fine Custom Cabinetry |

J. RUSSELL JOHNSON | Retired Architect


What's Your Kitchen Personality?

The best way to find out how to express your Kitchen Personality in your new kitchen is to deal with a trusted kitchen professional. If you haven't already, upgrade your access to the Plan Right(TM) Premium Plan, with connection to up to three vetted kitchen professionals in your area.