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Designing and remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting experience, filled with wonderful choices that will positively impact your life on a daily basis for years to come, or it can be a nightmare, plagued by cost overruns, poor design, disruption and delays. Since remodeling your kitchen typically costs tens of thousands of dollars (more than buying a brand new car!), you owe it to yourself to do your Kitchen RightTM!

Kitchen Right gives you access to invaluable tools to help you understand and control the many different aspects of a kitchen remodeling project, choose the kitchen elements like cabinets, countertops, appliances, lighting and more to fit your budget and needs, and get your project done right.

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    Basic Kitchen Toolkit

    Make sure you are choosing and budgeting for the right cabinets, countertops, appliances and more with access to:

    • Kitchen layout and budgeting software
    • Hundreds of articles, videos and presentations on every aspect of your kitchen remodel
    • Weekly tips on kitchen design and budgeting

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  • Plan Right
    Premium Kitchen Toolkit

    Use what the pros use! The Professional Kitchen Toolkit lets you customize your layout to get much more accurate budget figures for more control over your project. Includes:

    • Customizable kitchen layout and budgeting software
    • Hundreds of articles, videos and presentations on every aspect of your kitchen remodel
    • Weekly tips on kitchen design and budgeting
    • Connection with up to three highly respected kitchen professionals in your area for customized help with your kitchen

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If you are not yet ready to talk to kitchen professionals in your area, you can choose to pay $19.95 for the Plan Smart Professional Kitchen Toolkit.

What Our Users Have to Say

[Using Kitchen Right's Plan RightTM tools], my clients will be able to properly budget and plan for their project and make a final decision without any lingering doubts. Great job!

Chad Hunter,
President of Hunter Kitchen & Bath and Regional President, National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)

Kitchen Right is extremely user-friendly. It educates the homeowner as to potential renovation costs as well as to the complications of the process, while at the same time, the app makes the process less formidable to the homeowner.

Abby Schwartz, FARA
Principal, Abby Schwartz Associates Integrated Architecture & Interiors

We ...have found [Kitchen Right's Plan RightTM tools] to be both intuitive and easy to use. As a designer and a business owner for over 35 years, this innovative new software will allow us to better serve our clients by providing concrete budget estimates prior to the full design and bidding process which is a real value-ad for our clients and for us as business owners.

Rita Wilkins
President, Design Services, LTD

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Free Tools to Help You Make the Right Choices for Your Kitchen Remodel Project!
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  • Avoid costly mistakes

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What's Your Kitchen Personality?

The best way to find out how to express your Kitchen Personality in your new kitchen is to deal with a trusted kitchen professional. If you haven't already, upgrade your access to the Plan Right(TM) Premium Plan, with connection to up to three vetted kitchen professionals in your area.